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Topic: Physical Chemistry

Kinematic Equations

The study of motion lies at the heart of physics. Whether it's a car speeding down the highway or a projectile soaring through the air, understanding the behavior of objects in motion is essential.
5 min read

Higgs Boson Explained in Simple Words

Named after Peter Higgs, the Higgs boson is a scalar boson and is the only scalar boson in the standard model in particle physics. A scalar boson has zero and obeys Bose-Einstein statistics.
5 min read

Osmosis and Osmotic Pressure

Osmosis is a physical phenomenon in which molecules of solvent move from the region of low solute concentration to the region of high solute concentration through a semipermeable membrane.

10 min read

Hydrogen Bonding in Chemistry

The hydrogen bond (aka H-bond) is an electrostatic force arising from the polar nature of the molecule.

9 min read

Intermolecular Forces in Chemistry

Chemical molecules are under the constant influence of various chemical forces. They dictate the chemical and physical characteristics of chemical substances.

8 min read

Thermodynamic Processes

In this article, we will go through various types of processes in thermodynamics.

5 min read

Introduction to Chemical Kinetics

Chemical kinetics is a branch of physical chemistry that involves the study of the rate of chemical reactions.

3 min read

Hess Law

The law was revealed by Swiss-Russian chemist and doctor Germain Henri Hess. He introduced the law in its 1840’s publication.

10 min read

Law of ThermoDynamics

The four laws are the zeroth law, the first law, the second law, and the third law. These laws are universally valid to any thermodynamic system and are described as follows:

10 min read

Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions

Different types of chemical reactions.

10 min read

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