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What is Periodic Table

The periodic table was first created by Dmitri Mendeleev in October 1869. It has, however, been revised numerous times since then due to advancements in scientific research. Not only did it help classify the elements into their respective periods, but also allowed scientists and researchers to come up with theories and procedures that would better describe the periodic trends, which is why it continues to increase in complexity.

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Dmitri Mendeleev's Periodic Table

Dmitri Mendeleev's Periodic Table was the most scientific periodic table in his time, which led to the formation of the modern periodic table. Mendeleev not only group the elements that shared similar properties but also correctly predicted the properties of undiscovered elements. And this was groundbreaking.

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Lothar Meyer's Periodic Table

Lothar Meyer's periodic table was a raw version of the periodic table. He successfully classified the elements according their valency with the increasing order of atomic weights. He also depicted the periodicity from his atomic volume vs atomic weight graph.

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Newlands' Law of Octaves

Newlands' Law of Octaves proposed by John Newlands explains the periodic repetition of physical and chemical properties. The law has many limitations, which are discussed in this article.

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De Chancourtois's Helical Periodic Table

De Chancourtois's helical periodic table was the first periodic table that introduced the notion of the periodicity of elements.

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Dobereiner's Triads

Dobereiner's Triads or the law of triads divides elements showing similar properties into groups of three.

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