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Gay-Lussac's Law Calculator

Gay-Lussac's law calculatorTo find the unknown pressure or temperature at constant volume

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Real-life Examples of Gay-Lussac's Law

The real-life examples of Gay-Lussac's law are the pressure cooker, tyre, and aerosol can.

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Graphs of Gay-Lussac's Law

The Gay-Lussac's law graph is a pressure vs temperature graph at constant volume.
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The Equation of Gay-Lussac's Law

The equation of Gay-Lussac's is P = kT.

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Gay-Lussac's Law

Gay-Lussac's law is also known as pressure law or Amontons's law. The law correlates how the pressure of a gas increases with an increase in temperature. This law is named after French chemist Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac. He formulated this relationship in 1808. Gay-Lussac's law is similar to Charles's law, the only difference is the “volume” term in Charles's law is interchanged by the “pressure” term in Gay-Lussac's law.

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