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Standard Ambient Temperature and Pressure (SATP)

09th Apr 2019 @ 3 min read

Basic Chemistry

Standard ambient temperature is 25 ℃ or 298.15 K or 77 ℉.

Standard pressure is 1 bar or 100.000 kPa or 750.06 mmHg (or torr) or 14.504 psi.

Why do we need SATP

SATP is brought by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). It is used in Chemistry as a reference standard condition. The standard ambient temperature in SATP is 25 ℃. This temperature is more practical and convenient compared to 0 ℃ of STP (standard temperature and pressure). It would be easier for chemists all over the world to take SATP conditions as a reference point compared to STP conditions.

Volume at SATP

The molar volume Vm of an ideal gas is defined as:

molar volume

where R is the ideal gas constant, its value is 8.314 J K−1 mol−1.


The molar volume at STAP

With the help of molar volume, we can also calculate the density of air at SATP.

density is molar mass divided by molar volume.

where M is the molar mass of a gas (M = 28.84 g mol−1).

For air at SATP,


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Basic Chemistry

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