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Lists of SI units

29th Mar 2019 @ 6 min read

Basic Chemistry

The SI stands for the International System of Units or Le Systeme International d’Unités (in French). It is the modern system of measurement. The below tables list them.

SI base units

SI Base Units
NameSI unitPhysical quantity
molemolAmount of substance
candelacdLuminous intensity
Special SI Units
NameSymbolSI unitsPhysical quantityEquivalent units
steradiansr1Solid anglem2/m2
newtonNkg⋅m⋅s−2Force, weightkg⋅m/s2
pascalPakg⋅m−1⋅s−2Pressure, stressN/m2
jouleJkg⋅m2⋅s−2Work, energy, heatN⋅m, W⋅s, C⋅V
wattWkg⋅m2⋅s−3Power, radiant fluxJ/s, V⋅A
coulombCs⋅AElectric charges⋅A, F⋅V
voltVkg⋅m2⋅s−3⋅A−1Voltage, e.m.f, electric potentialW/A, J/C
faradFkg−1⋅m−2⋅s4⋅A2Capacitances/Ω, C/V
ohmΩkg⋅m2⋅s−3⋅A−2Electrical resistance, impedance, reactanceV/A, 1/S
siemensSkg−1⋅m−2⋅s3⋅A2Electrical conductance1/Ω, A/V
weberWbkg⋅m2⋅s−2⋅A−1Magnetic fluxJ/A, T⋅m2
teslaTkg⋅s−2⋅A−1Magnetic induction, magnetic flux densityWb/m2, V⋅s/m2 N/(A⋅m)
henryHkg⋅m2⋅s−2⋅A−2Electrical inductanceΩ⋅s, Wb/A, V⋅s/A
degree CelsiusKTemperatureK
lumenlmcdLuminous fluxcd⋅sr
grayGym2⋅s−2Absorbed doseJ/kg
sievertSvm2⋅s−2Equivalent doseJ/kg
katalkats−1⋅molCatalytic activitymol/s

Other SI derived units


SI Derived Units (Geometry)
SI UnitSI unit SymbolPhysical QuantityEquivalent Units
square metrem2Area, surface area 
cubic metrem3Volume 
reciprocal metrem−1Curvature1/m


SI Derived Units (Motion)
SI UnitSI Unit SymbolPhysical QuantityEquivalent Units
metre per secondm⋅s−1Velocitym/s
metre per second squaredm⋅s−2Accelerationm/s2
metre per second cubedm⋅s−3Jerk, joltm/s3
metre per second to the fourthm⋅s−4Snap, jouncem/s4
radian per seconds−1Angular velocity1/s
radian per second squareds−2Angular acceleration1/s2
hertz per seconds−2Frequency drift1/s2
newton secondkg⋅m⋅s−1Momentum, impulseN·s
newton metre secondkg⋅m2⋅s−1Angular momentumN⋅m⋅s, J·s
newton metrekg⋅m2⋅s−2Torque, moment of forceN⋅m, J/rad
joule secondkg⋅m2⋅s−1ActionJ·s
newton metre second per kilogramm2⋅s−1Specific angular momentumJ⋅s/kg, N⋅m⋅s/kg


SI Derived Units (Flow)
SI UnitSI Unit SymbolPhysical QuantityEquivalent Units
metre cube per secondm3·s−1Volumetric flow ratem3/s
kilogram per secondkg·s−1Mass flow ratekg/s
mole per secondmol·s−1Molar flow ratemol/s
joule per secondkg⋅m2⋅s−3Energy flow rateJ/s

Density & Concentration

SI Derived Units (Density & Concentration)
SI UnitSI Unit SymbolPhysical quantityEquivalent units
kilogram per cubic metrekg⋅m−3Density, Mass concentrationkg/m3
cubic metre per kilogramkg−1·m3Specific volumem3/kg
mole per cubic metrem−3 ⋅molConcentration, molaritymol/m3
mole per kilogramkg−1 ·molMolalitymol/kg
mole per mole1Mole fractionmol/mol
kilogram per kilogram1Mass fractionkg/kg
kilogram per square metrekg⋅m−2Surface densitykg/m2
cubic metre per molem3·mol−1Molar volumem3/mol
joule per cubic metrekg⋅m−1⋅s−2Energy densityJ/m3
kilogram per metrekg⋅m−1Linear mass densitykg/m


SI Derived Units (Chemistry)
SI UnitSI Unit SymbolPhysical QuantityEquivalent Units
kilogram per molekg·mol−1Molar masskg/mol
mole per cubic metre per secondm−3·mol·s−1Rate of reactionmol/(m3·s)
katal per cubic metrem3⋅s−1⋅molCatalytic activity concentrationKat/m3
siemens square metre per molekg−1⋅s3⋅A2⋅mol−1Molar conductivityS⋅m2/mol
cubic metre per mole secondm3⋅s−1⋅mol−1Catalytic efficiencym3/(mol⋅s)


SI Derived Units (Thermodynamics)
SI UnitSI Unit SymbolPhysical QuantityEquivalent Units
joule per molekg⋅m2⋅s−2·mol−1Molar enthalpy, molar internal energy, heat of formation, latent heatJ/mol
joule per kilogramm2⋅s−2Specific enthalpy, specific internal energyJ/kg
joule per mole per kelvinkg⋅m2⋅s−2·K−1·mol−1Gas constantJ/(mol·K)
joule per kelvinkg⋅m2⋅s−2⋅K−1Heat capacity, entropyJ/K
joule per kilogram kelvinm2⋅s−2⋅K−1Specific heat capacity, specific entropyJ/(kg⋅K)


SI Derived Units (Physics)
SI UnitSI Unit SymbolPhysical QuantityEquivalent Units
one1Refractive index 
reciprocal metrem−1Wavenumber, optical power1/m
newton per metrekg⋅s−2Surface tensionN/m
watt per steradian square metrekg⋅s−3RadianceW/(sr⋅m2)
watt per steradian cubic metrekg⋅m−1⋅s−3Spectral radianceW/(sr⋅m3)
watt per metrekg⋅ m⋅s−3spectral powerW/m
gray per secondm2⋅s−3absorbed dose rateGy/s
watt per steradiankg⋅m2⋅s−3radiant intensityW/sr
watt per steradian metrekg⋅m⋅s−3spectral intensityW/(sr⋅m)
watt per square metre per fourth power kelvinkg⋅s−3⋅K−4Stefan-Boltzmann constantW/(m2⋅K−4)


SI Derived Units (Mechanics)
SI UnitSI unit symbolPhysical QuantityEquivalent Units
kilogram square metrekg⋅m2Moment of inertia 
pascalkg⋅m−1⋅s−2Young modulus, shear modulus, bulk modulusPa
watt per square metrekg⋅s−3Heat flux density, irradianceW/m2, J/(m2⋅s)
square metre per secondm2⋅s−1Kinematic viscosity, diffusivitym2/s
pascal secondkg⋅m−1⋅s−1Dynamic viscosityPa⋅s, N⋅s/m2
newton per metrekg⋅s−2StiffnessN·m
kelvin per kelvin1Coefficient of performanceK/K
joule per joule1Thermal efficiencyJ/J
joule per kilogramm2⋅s−2Calorific valueJ/kg
metre per cubic metrem·m−3Fuel economym/m3
reciprocal pascalkg−1⋅m⋅s2compressibility1/Pa
watt per metre kelvinkg⋅m⋅s−3⋅K−1Thermal conductivityW/(m⋅K)
kelvin per wattkg−1⋅m2⋅s3⋅KThermal resistanceK/W
reciprocal kelvinK−1Thermal expansion coefficient1/K
kelvin per metrem−1⋅KTemperature gradientK/m
watt per square metre kelvinkg⋅s−3⋅K−1Heat transfers coefficientW/(m2⋅K)


SI Derived Units (Electromagnetics)
SI UnitSI Unit SymbolPhysical QuantityEquivalent Units
ampere per metrem−1⋅AMagnetic field strengthA/m
volt per metrekg⋅m⋅s−3⋅A−1Electric field strengthV/m
ohm metrekg⋅m3⋅s−3⋅A−2ResistivityΩ⋅m
siemens per metrekg−1⋅m−3⋅s3⋅A2Electrical conductivityS/m
coulomb per square metrem−2⋅s⋅AElectric displacement fieldC/m2
coulomb per cubic metrem−3⋅s⋅AElectric charge densityC/m3
ampere per square metrem−2⋅AElectric current surface densityA/m2
coulomb per metrem−1⋅s⋅ALinear charge densityC/m
farad per metrekg−1⋅m−3⋅s4⋅A2PermittivityF/m
henry per metrekg⋅m⋅s−2⋅A−2Magnetic permeabilityH/m
weber metrekg⋅m3⋅s−2⋅A−1Magnetic momentWb⋅m
joule per teslam2⋅AMagnetic dipole momentJ/T
square metre per volt secondkg−1⋅s2⋅AElectron mobilitym2/(V⋅s)
reciprocal henrykg−1⋅m−2⋅s2⋅A2Magnetic reluctanceH−1
metre per henrykg−1⋅m−1⋅s2⋅A2Magnetic susceptibilitym/H
tesla metrekg⋅m⋅s−2⋅A−1Magnetic rigidityT⋅m
ampere radianAMagnetomotive forceA⋅rad
weber per metrekg⋅m⋅s−2⋅A−1Magnetic vector potentialWb/m


SI Derived Units (Photometry)
SI UnitsSI Unit SymbolPhysical QuantityEquivalent Units
candela per square metrem−2⋅cdLuminancecd/m2
lux secondm−2⋅s⋅cd⋅srLuminous exposurelx⋅s
lumen per wattkg−1·m−2⋅s3⋅cd⋅srLuminous efficacylm/W
lumen seconds⋅cd⋅srLuminous energylm⋅s

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