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Pressure Unit Converter

02nd Nov 2019 @ 2 min read


Pressure gauge

Pressure converter

Enter a value and choose desired pressure units.

List of abbreviations

List of abbreviations
atmatmospherekgf cm−2kilogram-force per square centimetre
attechnical atmospheregf cm−2gram-force per square centimetre
N m−2 or Panewton per square metre or Pascaldyne cm−2 or Babarye
µPamicropascalpsi or lbf in−2pound per square inch or pound-force per square inch
hPahectopascalksikilopound per square inch
MPamegapascalMpsimegapound per square inch
GPagigapascallbf ft−2pound-force per square foot
barbarkip in−2kip per square inch
mbarmillibarozf in−2ounce-force per square inch
dbardecibarozf ft−2ounce-force per square foot
Torrtorrpdl in−2poundal per square inch
mmHgmillimetre of mercurypdl ft−2poundal per square foot
cmHgcentimetre of mercurytf m−2tonne-force per square metre
inHginch of mercurytf cm−2tonne-force per square centimetre
ftHgfoot of mercurytf in−2ton-force per square inch
mmH2Omillimetre of watertf ft−2ton-force per square foot
cmH2Ocentimetre of waterfswfoot sea water
inH2Oinch of watermswmetre sea water
ftH2Ofoot of waterpzpieze

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Unit Converter Pressure

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