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Loschmidt's Constant

08th May 2019 @ 2 min read

Physical Chemistry

The Loschmidt constant is also called as the Loschmidt number. The symbol used for the Loschmidt constant is n0. It is the number of molecules of an ideal gas per unit volume. The Loschmidt constant has the unit of the reciprocal cubic metre. At STP (P = 1 atm, T = 273.15 K), The value of the constant is 2.686 781 1 × 1025 m−3. The constant is a measure of number density.

The constant is named after Austrian scientist Johann Josef Loschmidt. In German literature, the Loschmidt constant is synonymous with the Avogadro's constant.

Formula of Loschmidt Constant

The Loschmidt constant for pressure P, and temperature T is

Ideal gas equation

Here, NA is the Avogadro's constant and R is the ideal gas constant.

Value of Loschmidt Constant at STP

At STP, the value of Loschmidt constant is

The value of Loschmidt constant, n0=2.6867811 × 1025 ∕m3

Loshmidt Constant and Avogadro's Constant

The relationship between the Loschmidt constant n and the Avogadro constant NA is as follows:

Avogadro's constant

Loschmidt Constant and Boltzmann Constant

The Loschmidt constant n and Boltzmann constant kB are related by below equation.

Boltzmann constant

Loschmidt Constant and Amagat

The value of 1 amagat (amg) equals the value of the Loschmidt constant at STP


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Loschmidt Constant Amagat

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