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Coordination Compounds

29th Apr 2021 @ 5 min read

Surface Chemistry

Werner’s theory was the first theory given for structures of Coordination compounds

It is named after Alfred Werner who gave this theory in 1823 and won a noble prize on this work in 1913. Alfred Werner is also known as the father of the coordination compounds

According to his theory:

Central metal atom of a coordination compound can possess two kinds of valencies i.e. primary valency and secondary valency, and these valencies determine the structure of a coordination compound

For example the primary valency of primary valency formula

For example the secondary valency of secondary valency formula while secondary valency is represented by continuous line (3/4) . If the charge on ligand is not zero it is represented by both dotted as well as continuous lines

Below are some examples of how structure of coordination compounds are drawn using Werner Theory

Structure of coordination compounds

1) formula 1

2) formula 2

3) formula 3

4) formula 4 coordination of compound 5

Facial isomer (Cis)                           Meridonial isomer (Trans)

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